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adalah mitra bisnis Authorized Dealer voucher elektrik sebagai distributor penjualan pulsa isi ulang / voucher elektrik GSM & CDMA termurah dengan sistem pengisian pulsa melalui teknologi sms sejak tahun 2006
  • Menyediakan Produk Voucher Elektronik dengan sistem satu deposit untuk pengisian multi operator (All Operator)
  • Transaksi langsung ke server (multi server) sehingga dapat dilakukan 24 jam non stop setiap hari secara realtime berbasis SMS Top Up, menggunakan engine otomatis

Golden Battles, the massive multiplayer economy simulator and war game where you can transform your ingame succes into REAL CA$H!

Golden Battles,
the massive multiplayer economy simulator and war game where you can transform your ingame succes into REAL CA$H!

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They came from space ... They came from the dark ...

No warning, no prophecy, no one could predict what followed ...

           In space, a wonderful planet caught attention. It quietly followed its way around the Sun in millions of years, hidden among the thousands of other planets and stars of the galaxy. As we cannot guess what a cell of a tree leaf does in a forest, so the Earth stood discreet these years, thousands of years in which the continents have changed and relocated, plants and oceans became colourful, animals evolved. And finally PEOPLE were born; some say that through evolution, some say we were "helped" to appear.

          It doesn’t matter anymore, created or evolved, we forgot where we had come from and where we were going. We forgot our ancestors, we forgot our past, and what's worse: we forgot its lessons. The civilization we were so proud of, some spectators would call it barbaric. Where else can one hear that half of the planet fights the other half just because of the different names they gave to the same almighty God? We managed to get out shy into space, we were able to tame atoms, scientists every day went further and yet we could not agree to something so trivial: no matter what God’s name is since there is one and He is the same for all of us, and that the real lesson of history is love, not hate for everything being different from our faith. People began to hate increasingly each other for more and more incomprehensible reasons - the versions of so-called ‘Holy books’, the colour of their skin, the imaginary lines separating the areas inhabited by different groups and countries, or so-called historical rights on land. This hate created weapons, they became stronger and sophisticated; secret plans, fierce and ruthless wars broke out. In thousands of years of history, we became more and more noisy creatures. If in the smallness of our thinking we lived our complicated life like fish in the sea, unseen and unheard by anyone outside, well, all this changed with the atomic bomb.

             Spectators arrived quickly. After the first nuclear explosion, eyes hidden in the space looked at us. Some just curious, others ignorant ... Some came to see, others to study us wonderingly: many wild ants - with an intelligent and essentially primitive behavior, covering the planet with their quite fragile buildings- had managed somehow to create forces beyond their level, beyond what they could master.

              Finally, we drew attention to barbarians similar to us. We called them ‘aliens’, we watched them with respect for their advanced technology and it was a total surprise - they exceeded us in every way, but mostly in evilness.
                A huge ship stopped 3 weeks ago in front of the Moon. Its shining was visible to the naked eye. After several days of successful and suspiciously friendly communication with them, they agreed to "help". They began to give us plans for various technologies, saying that the price they ask for their help is low, they wanted workforce that our planet has in abundance: they counted billions of living beings from outer space. Presidents of the world smiled happily to their good fortune. So cheap? - they wondered. They didn’t hope for it even in their most beautiful dreams. They promised to discuss it soon and that the people will agree on this price.
                 It was strange for the aliens that although people were able to communicate with voice and image with each other surmounting huge distances, in order to make decisions it was really necessary that leaders meet in person, otherwise they are not able to make any important decision. They would then prepare conferences, make numerous trips to all parts of the planet, waste hundreds of hours for planning, travelling, customs check, empty words. To make people move faster the aliens sent teleporting machines into big cities, urging for more efficiency.
                And that was just the beginning. The aliens asked people to reorganize everything: senseless constructions, number and shape of cities, administrative institutions, leaders. Obviously murmur arose, especially from those in position of responsibility, fiercely resisting to restructuration, feeling they were going to lose power and influence. Citizens murmured also as they realized they will have to work for things received from foreign visitors. They wondered if they really needed this kind of "help" for some sketches and technologies they would most likely invent in the next 10-30 years; to pay millions of working hours. Misunderstandings and meetings without conclusions; riots, armed conflicts, protests, demonstrations broke out everywhere in the purest human style.
                Maybe it was better this way, no one will ever know it. Aliens had their secret plans, they wanted to get not more and not less than a long-term total control over mankind, paying much the same as Europeans paid American Indians - some worthless beads and jewellery. Probably they struggled to seem friendly, and "helpful". But they could not stick to their sneaky plan and showed their true face soon. Quarrels and misunderstandings between people were helpful this time for us in revealing their true plans and aliens went to plan B: force and assault on a global scale.
                 A typical day of the blue planet proved to be a day that nobody will forget soon. A long day that seemed to never end changed us forever. Nothing but memories remained. Their flying objects invaded the planet. The image of the ships approaching Earth was enough to lose your temper. As a huge swarm of black flies, they flew from the mother ship everywhere, all over the planet, darkening the sky. What followed is easy to understand. A huge fight started, ground armies used all their weapons to fight against them. It was not what we call a normal war, when armies are placed in position, attacks occur, strives to do maximum damage without losing much. It was rather a global and total war, disproportionate, with the maximum possible power.

                   They did not want to exterminate mankind, they wanted to subjugate people, beat their resistance, reduce them to slavery. They attacked and destroyed the cities and everything having a meaning for humankind: city centers, monuments, churches. They used both aerial and terestrial forces. They killed all those men who proved to be hostile. At first, armies fought back with classic weapons, fighters, missiles, tanks, bullets. They did not suffer heavy losses, only one ship against five lost planes. It was clear soon that who will have the air control will win the war. Using nuclear weapons seemed to be imminent. Right before evening the sky was lit up by dozens of nuclear mushrooms. All countries that owned such weapons launched many both into space and into the atmosphere. This eliminated many of the alien ships, but at what price? It was a huge price to pay for the planet, nature was seriously affected by it, and the survivors still continue to pay the price.
                 They were so sure of victory, but none of them was prepared for such a fight - the entire planet against one mother ship, believing that mankind will submit insidious and without fighting. They knew that we owned atomic weapons, but they also knew they had robust aircrafts, capable of flying into space, and also more advanced weapons. Yet something happened. No one knew for sure, especially since all civilization as we know it changed in an instant. Communication broke down everywhere, radiation affected all forms of broadcasting, satellites were destroyed in the first minutes of the alien attack. It was the first time in history that the secrecy of governments has proved to be useful ... There were rumors that some of the countries had an energy weapon so powerful it could turn a big city into dust. A rocket launch or laser beam was not needed to carry it to it’s target, but a distant explosion was somehow triggered by a technology known only by a handful of scientists. Using this weapon at maximum intensity crippled down the whole human power grid. Well, they used it now once against the mother ship in space; it was destroyed by this kind of huge explosion. Aliens did not have time to announce what had happened to those at home, thousands of light-years away.

                   We gained time, many years may pass before a new mother ship leaves for us to see what happened. Will we have the strength to keep the guard up? Destroyed cities, destroyed power grid across the globe, interrupted communication for a long time. Nonexistent armies, old leaders disappeared forever. Everybody knew about what had changed on that one day. There were people everywhere trying to recover, adapting, killing remaining aliens, raiding, gathering in cities or in hidden places, trying to procure the necessities of life, trying to cope.

                  Aliens escaping from this slaughter - pilots and crews ejected fromthe mothership and other destroyed vessels, remaining land forces and warriors hiding in the woods - were forced to survive as they could too. Faith turned against them, billions of earthlings against hundreds of thousands of aliens scattered all over the planet in forests and mountains. They also tried to organize themselves, facing the human fury on one side , but hunting isolated humans on worked fields on the other side. Food was not an issue for them – humans were only some kind of numerous tasty ants that can be eaten, their respect for us was very close to zero compared with their hunger..The only goal in their mind for the moment– to reproduce and try to match our only clear advantage - the headcount.

                 Gone are the good days, and people try now hard to return to their habits. In the ruins of civilization, beyond fear, hunger and thirst that took possession of the survivors, everything had to be rebuilt with limited skills and only with few resources. Resources, some can barely remember huge depots and stores where everything could be found. We were so used to find in supermarkets a little bit of everything, and now, suddenly all this changed. No more little trucks that bring everywhere lots of every product you can imagin, no more trains or planes that carry across the globe these products. Before the Golden War, multinational companies were grouped in hubs, that produced huge quantities of everything in a place, and later on, the transportation system scaterred around the globe these products. And now, the only things that real matters are the raw materials, since no advanced electrical products could be used anymore, no more plug had electricity, no spear parts could be produced without great efforts. And worse, those resources remained naturally grouped in different regions, and every region knew the importance of this fact, defending them with their lives even against their own kind – humans against humans. Evil men became more evil, righteous ones pray for mercy. Hundred of jobs available before the war become now just few possible occupations for the people. And if the good fellows started to grow small companies and business the most violent ones are doing what they were always done – enjoying fights. Does not metter for them if it’s a fight for human cause, killing some aliens and feeling really good for this, or it’s a fight for food or goods or other tiny purposes. Just to feed their violent nature, battles between people became a daily entertainment in some dirty arenas, or some nasty resource wars. For food, or money or ranks, for business or for glory, every man feels entitled to impose!

Dear reader! In this new hopeful world, you will be in control! You will have to rise from dirt, to prove yourself, to obtain and use your new wealth wisely, and be one of the new Mentors we are all waiting for to guide us!!

 Get to know the other players, make friends here and invite the ones you already have
 Fight realtime battles with other players or kill aliens
 Open companies, manufacture products and sell them with profit
 Buy and sell company or game shares, exchange foreign currencies
 Travel around the World, trade with other players: buy cheap and sell more expensive
 Lead your Soldiers, mentor your Assistants



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