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" Distributor Pulsa Isi Ulang Tronik "
...Termurah & Terpercaya...

adalah mitra bisnis Authorized Dealer voucher elektrik sebagai distributor penjualan pulsa isi ulang / voucher elektrik GSM & CDMA termurah dengan sistem pengisian pulsa melalui teknologi sms sejak tahun 2006
  • Menyediakan Produk Voucher Elektronik dengan sistem satu deposit untuk pengisian multi operator (All Operator)
  • Transaksi langsung ke server (multi server) sehingga dapat dilakukan 24 jam non stop setiap hari secara realtime berbasis SMS Top Up, menggunakan engine otomatis



7 The Number SevenA Perfect combination of trust & efficiency
Seven is the mathematical fundamental upon which our financial service was built since its inception.
Both our plans strive to provide a golden spot solution between the investor (You) and manager (Us),
that is why seven was chosen, as it is the optimal choice in terms of efficiency and mutual prosperity.
Put simply the number Seven is our solution for maximizing profit and building a trustful relationship,
over the long term. Seven is rooted deeply in our company's strategies, history and future decisions.
We believe that seven is a powerful and significant figure, it symbolizes an exception and perfection,
the trades we're aiming for, seven has always brought us a positive change and we wish to share it.
We want to offer the perfect investment opportunity online, where you could earn and stay profitable.
Many short term opportunities come and go, we are here to take the extra step for insuring our offer,
an offer we'd grab ourselves, with vast experience, deep industries knowledge & endless passion!

110% AFTER 7 DAYS: This short term plan was specially created for trial purposes. It will pay 10% profit, and return your principle at the end of the term after 7 calendar days. This plan gives less possibility for compounding and lower profit in comparison to the monthly plan, but should be more convenient for investors seeking faster solution, if only to test our financial service. FOR EXAMPLE: If you would Invest $1,000 now you will have a total of $1,100 in your account balance by this time next week, then you can choose to cash out or re-invest to gain even higher profit. There is no withdrawal fee in this plan either.
The Plan:110% After 7 days
Conditions:1 Calander week
Total Return (for 7 days):110% R.O.I
Compoundable (re-invest):Yes (up to 7 times)
Min - Max withdrawal:$2 - No limit
Min - Max deposit:$25 - $5,000

5%AFFILIATEPROGRAM You've the opportunity to invite your friends, family or other groups, and enjoy our lucrative affiliate program.
For each active member you would bring you'll gain an instant  5% commission back, and with a wide range
starting from $1.25 and reaching $25,000 per single referral investment, you can build a constant cash-flow.




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