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Google Panda Update - Winners and Losers (Top 100 Domains)

 Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog - A couple of weeks ago we have launched the RankingIndex. The RankingIndex is an analysis value of the visibility of an entire domain
on Google. It provides information on the visibility / significance of
a domain on search engines und takes into account all relevant ranking
data of a domain. The higher the RankingIndex, the stronger the
visibility of the domain on Google.
 Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog
Already in late February, Google rolled out the so called Panda Update
(also known as Farmer Update), with which Google hopes to achieve an
improvement in the quality of search results. Some 12% of all search
queries worldwide are said to be affected from the changes in the
Google algorithm. Until now, the update is limited to English speaking
countries and English search queries. In the aftermath of the roll out,
the Google algorithm has been further developed. teliad has monitored
and analyzed those movements on the English speaking search index since
the beginning of the update.
 Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog
Who are the winners and who are the losers of the Panda Update?
Here is a listing of the respective 10 domains from the Top 100 with
the biggest gains and the biggest losses in the RankingIndex, comparing
the months March and May 2011.
 Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog
The biggest winners:

1. 54.096,74 (+139,8%)
2.  24.167,27 (+124,26%)
3.  11.467,18 (+63,60%)
4.  6.035,64 (+58,27%)
5. 5.676 (+38,45%)
6. 12.905,11 (+38,00%)
7. 7.523,97 (+35,74%)
8. 6.660,76 (+30,86%)
9. 11.453,02 (+30,77%)
10. 8.796,46 (+28,89%)
 Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog
Furthermore, noteworthy are also some domains that made the Top 100
with their RankingIndex in May, such as (28th), (44th) or (46th).
 Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog
The biggest losers:

1. 9.129,76 (-56,84%)
2. 9.590,36 (-52,82%)
3.  3.921,63 (-52,66%)
4. 4.077,09 (-43,76%)
5. 3.872,02 (-39,98)
6. 3.116,22 (38,69%)
7. 14.712,47 (38,62%)
8. 7.375,12 (-37,74%)
9. 24.304,51 (-28,26%)
10. 3.895,10 (-27,36%)
 Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog
In addition, there are some domains that have dropped out of the Top
100 domains, such as (used to be 29th),
(used to be 49th), or (used to be 51st).

When looking at the winners and losers, it appears that various big
brands and popular communities can be found in top positions as opposed
to various Demand Media pages and websites with less strong communities
that are losing out. This could speak for a higher valuation of factors
such as brands, user interaction and retention rates. Of course, at this
time it is not possible to conclusively evaluate the changes in the
Google algorithm.
 Mari Berkomunitas Di Faceblog
Thus it will remain interesting to follow the development of the
RankingIndex values throughout the next couple of weeks and months.
You can view a current listing of the Top100 domains of a language at
any time under

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