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Registry tweaks to speed up Windows 7

 Registry tweaks to speed up Windows 7, speed up Windows 7 by tweaking registry.

Almost every windows user are looking for tweaks to speed up their pc. Since the newly born Windows 7 operating system come with better quality and performance than the predecessor like xp and vista. Windows 7 is engineered for speed and special attention has been given by the Windows 7 team for making it faster than the previous version of Windows. But, even most of us don't get satisfied yet and wanna get more and more speed up to the maximum of our will.

In this Panduan Dan Tutorial Gratis, I will share related information about some registry tweaks that can be safely applied after its installation or later. I am sure these tweaks can speed up Windows 7.

First of all i will tell what
all changes will be made
after applying the tweaks.

  • Hanged programs will be terminated Automatically it will end tasks of programs that are taking longer to respond.
  • Menus will be shown very
    faster. When you pause
    on the main menus the sub
    menus will be shown up very fast than normal.
  • You will get an option ” Take Ownership” when you right click on files or
    folders. This will become handy when you want to replace system files while doing customization.
  • Make windows not to
    search for a program that
    no longer exist when you
    click on the shortcut there
    by saving your valuable
  • Adds “Copy To” and “Move
    To” options in the right
    click context menu of
    Windows 7. So from now
    on copying and moving
    files from one place to
    another will be more easier than before.
  • Directly opens up the Files list when you choose “Open With” option there by deactivating the ”search on Internet” option.
  • Speeds up the navigation in
    Windows Explorer by
    disabling searching for
    network printers and scheduled tasks on network.
  • Disables the annoying “low
    disk space” message notification in your system

Just download Registry Tweaks For Windows 7 now.

Restart your system after applying these
registry tweaks to take effect. You will also get a small speed increase in
Windows 7.

Thanks also to the source of this useful tips at computingunleashed(dot)com.




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