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adalah mitra bisnis Authorized Dealer voucher elektrik sebagai distributor penjualan pulsa isi ulang / voucher elektrik GSM & CDMA termurah dengan sistem pengisian pulsa melalui teknologi sms sejak tahun 2006
  • Menyediakan Produk Voucher Elektronik dengan sistem satu deposit untuk pengisian multi operator (All Operator)
  • Transaksi langsung ke server (multi server) sehingga dapat dilakukan 24 jam non stop setiap hari secara realtime berbasis SMS Top Up, menggunakan engine otomatis

sims 3 generations

sims 3 generations - sims 3 generations expansion pack
EA Play, Electronic Arts’ casual gaming label, announced yesterday that the fourth full-fledged expansion for 2009′s wildly popular life simulation The Sims 3, titled Generations, will be available for purchase on PC and Mac beginning next week worldwide.
The fourth expansion adds new careers, new traits, new types of celebrations, graduation ceremonies and a whole bunch of other new features. The expansion is designed to give a more complete story for your Sim, from childhood to the rebellious teen years and on up into adulthood, where you’ll further flesh out your Sim’s story as you choose to tell it.

“The Sims 3 Generations gives us an opportunity to expand every life stage and the chance for players to delve deeper into each of their special moments,” said Scott Evans, General Manager of The Sims Studio at EA, about the expansion. “From exploring the creative and playful childhood years, the angst-ridden defiant teenager years, to the moment of time when adults celebrate life through bachelor parties and weddings, we wanted players to have the tools to tell the richest stories possible for any life stage.”
If you’ve been looking for something to pull you right back into spending countless hours in The Sims 3, this expansion sounds like it just might do the trick.
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